Exhibition concludes Friends of Cultures 2013

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Preliminary estimates indicate more than 1.5 million visitors

Capital Culture Secretariat presented more than 50 arts

On Saturday, he had the whole White and Sonora Mono Santanera

Sunday concluded the fifth edition of the Fair of Cultures and Friendship in the Paseo de la Reforma with an attendance of over one million and a half visitors, which will exceed the expectations set at the beginning.

The Cultures and Friendship Fair 2013 was inaugurated on Saturday 25 May under the theme The World in your city and included the participation of 86 countries. According to estimates of the Ministry of Tourism capital, the fair exceeded expectations in terms of visitors have since been covered by more than a million and a half people.

Thus, from May 25 to June 9, the Fair became the Paseo de la Reforma in a corridor that opened windows to art and customs of different parts of America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

The Ministry of Culture of the City of Mexico completed this major exhibition of customs and traditions with a program that was developed in the Art Forum, which was located in the Lions Gate, the entrance to the Bosque de Chapultepec.

During the 16 days of the Fair, the Art Forum offered the public a schedule in which they stressed units as Eugenia León, Astrid Hadad, plus more than 50 presentations of music and dance groups of nations such as China, Lebanon, Brazil, Russia, Belgium, Morocco, Colombia, Uruguay, Japan, India, Cuba, Portugal, Guatemala, Ecuador, Spain and Ireland, among others.

Last Saturday, on the penultimate day of Fair activities, this stage was filled with the Son Jarocho group Mono Blanco and rumba rhythm of International Santanera Sonora, groups, again, met hundreds of people who enjoyed a comprehensive program that also included music and dance expressions of Algeria, Greece and Morocco.

On Saturday afternoon, Mono White showed why he is considered one of the best exponents of the music of Veracruz, for not only traditional tunes played butaquito o The chuchumbe, but closed his presentation with one of his own most popular themes: The world is going to end, widely applauded by the public.

For its part, the International Santanera Sonora couples danced with numerous issues that have brought fame to the group over the decades: The boa, Mute, On the streets of Mexico or the very famous perfume of gardenias and Donna Reed.

The Art Forum of the Ministry of Culture of the City of Mexico in Cultures and Friendship Fair 2013 closed activities on Sunday June 9 with the presentation of live Flamenco Company of Spain, the group Strings crescendo of Venezuela, Ballet Folklorico Wryaquito of Guatemala and Cartagena de Marbella band of Colombia, among other groups.

This major exhibition of customs and traditions developed over Paseo de la Reforma, from Liege Street to Avenida de los Insurgentes. The meeting was opened to the public a wide cross cultural and tourism from countries like India, Egypt, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, Lebanon, Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Paraguay, United States, Costa Rica and Colombia, among others, who totaled 86 nations.

Organized by the Government of Mexico through the International Affairs and the participation of the secretariats of Culture and Tourism of Mexico City, this show managed to project the country’s capital and its wide range of art and tourism at International.


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