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The Ministry of Culture capital coordinates seven major galleries in open areas of Mexico City.

It is sensory oasis where you can feast from the look, to the hearing and touch, through a wide range of topics, techniques and authors.

Recover public spaces and turn them into cultural corridors through exhibitions on subjects from art and culture to science and technology and to promote sensory and aesthetic enjoyment, are some of the goals that the program works Open Galleries, launched by the Ministry of Culture of the City of Mexico.

The program is divided into two parts: first, the seven sites that make up the Open-Circuit Galleries photographic exhibitions which started in Chapultepec Park Grills and replicated in the other six sites-and, on the other, the public places that host expressions of art, like the Camellón the Paseo de la Reforma.
In these spaces, characterized by being open 24 hours a day, the public will find sensory oasis where delight from the look to the sound and touch, through a wide range of topics, techniques, approaches and authors.

And with different exposures, the passer can stroll the look by DF from the early twentieth century by the hand of Manuel Ramos, a pioneer of photojournalism, to take a tour visual, tactile and audible bells for 15 sculptures by outstanding contemporary artists.

The possibilities offered by the program Open Galleries are spacious and has something for each of the capital: fantastic art and high flyers with sculptor Jorge Marin and his plethora of winged world where one can even become one of them.

Also, take a look at little-known facets of engraver José Guadalupe Posada; discover through photos how they act diseases caused by microorganisms; see the linguistic diversity of Mexico, follow step by step in Iztapalapa Passion or enjoy the natural landscape and Urban Canada.

The program came with the exhibition space in Chapultepec Park Grills and sample Earth from Above (2002), the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a ‘street art project that led the public approach quality exhibitions, free of charge, 365 days a year, “said Jose Manuel Rodriguez, deputy technical director at Open Galleries.

Added to this, adds Rodriguez, sought help in the development of new audiences, from all sectors of the population of the Federal District, especially those who do not have the initiative to enter premises closed museum and galleries.

Following the success of this first space, in 2007 the Ministry of Culture created the Open Galleries circuit in order to “broaden and democratize access to art and culture in public spaces” that can be tapped to promote new forms of relationship with citizens, improving the urban environment where each gallery is located, explains José Manuel Rodríguez.

It declares the technical deputy of open spaces for the circulation and coexistence of diverse audiences, have all the ease of access and digital home samples printed in large format: the Gates of Chapultepec Park, the National Polytechnic Institute The Center for Advanced Research (CINVESTAV), the Iztapalapa and Alvaro Obregon, the Forest of Aragon and the Mexican Petroleum Institute.

There are seven locations in which are mounted 74 exhibitions, from 2002 to date, which have been seen by 75 million people, only in the Chapultepec lattices. Given the success of the Open Galleries Circuit referred to have at least one field of this type in each of the 16 boroughs of the City.

For now, the exhibition Walking in the City. Photographs of Manuel Ramos 1900-1940 remain until August 18 in the Grilles de Chapultepec and in September there will open an assembly dedicated to wrestling, forward José Manuel Rodríguez.


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